Thunder Bay – Thursday

Trash in context

Can you take a black and white photo of a butterfly? I think you can. Cabbage White butterfly.

Railway car graffiti.

Lets see how the Water Street hole debacle turned out.

I might have extended the patch south  to the  seam centre right in the photo.  There is a dip there.

I would have extended the new patch to the asphalt seam centre right. There is a dip there that could have been repaired. Yes, it would have cost more but the ride would have been improved.

Then there is this.  Going on at least two years now.

Forgot their sign.

Trash in context

Lots of trash


Looks like this silt fence is not doing the job it was meant to do.  Just a guess.


A slightly beat-up American Lady butterfly

A two-for

Just lounging around underwater.

Great Blue Heron

I made the bird nervous

MV Jamno

MV Juno

Trash in context

How windy was it?

The French yacht visiting Thunder Bay. The SV En-Dro.

The signs along that side say ‘No Stopping’ but it does not say anything about parking. So people park along there. Sure, it might be for 15 minutes but that is not the point.  Its all about the fact that the street is not wide enough to have vehicles parked or stopped along that side and still maintain two lanes of traffic.

Then there is the crosswalk located in front of the vehicles. Not a safe place to be parking or stopping your vehicle.

More trash in context

More trash

More rail car graffiti

Trash in context


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  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    Great b&w image of the Cabbage White butterfly. What the heck is the green curved hose looking thing in the Heron images. Ruined some otherwise great shots.

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