Thunder Bay – Thursday

As close to a sunrise photo you will ever get from me. I am not getting up that early.

We have an escapee from the CJ compound.

MV Isolda

MV Tim S. Dool looks like its fully loaded.

On its way…

Police presence down at Marina Park.  South end of the boat launch parking lot. Looking for someone who might be in distress.

On my out of the park, I walked passed the area again.  Forensics van was just leaving.

You want to see pigeons, gulls and crows in Marina Park scatter, be there when a bald eagle flies over.

Thought I would take a bunch of flower photos showing you some of the flowers that are still blooming in the park.

Leased lot #3 so far. More concrete sidewalks being poured today.

Too bad the new entrance to the fountain from the parking lot does not line up with the fountain. I am all about symmetry and this will bug me forever.

Is this the last new lamp post?

Hooded Merganser

Trash in context

Marina closes on October 15.  Boats are slowly leaving.  Masts are being taken down.

Trash in context

In a few months, litter will make up most of the colour found around the city.

Trash in context

as is this

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