Thunder Bay – Thursday

Trash in context

Not sure where the other needles went but there is still one floating in the Pool 6 pond.

The Blue Morph Snow Geese are still hanging around.

I wonder if these roses are frozen?  Will they stay this colour until spring?


Leased Lot #3 so far. Tables and benches being added to the barbecue area.  Long tables and benches.  Tables that must be shared.

Interesting. Beer hall look.

Trash in context.

MV Federal Dart and MV Federal Champlain still anchored

Water level still down.

Nobody has claimed this painted rock yet.

Trash in context.

Pro Line

Looks complicated to me.

Shopping cart being used as trash can.

McVicar Creek

Still trying to get a decent photo of the ice falls.  I think I need to stand in the centre of the creek to get the photo I want.  Not going to happen.

Cleaning up the north core. Worker removing posters on poles.

Believe he works for the Waterfront District BIA..

Still believe that the organizations that post these need to be responsible for their removal.  Community responsibility.

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