Thunder Bay – Thursday

Does Thunder Bay have a drinking problem?  Nope. No problem drinking at all.

Why I no longer walk through the pedestrian overpass.

On the left, the person is taking a drink out of a tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.

Big swig.

Far left, another person holding out a tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  I have travelled a lot all over the world.  I have never seen a village, town or city where the act of drinking in public is considered OK.

In Thunder Bay, the people who I see drinking are young people.  It seems that there is no crisis unless the person is found dead.  THEN, the shit hits the fan.  THEN its a crisis. THEN something needs to be done.   Only THEN.

MV Frontenac coming into port

Docked at Keefer Terminal

MV Federal Montreal is still anchored out there.

MV Wigeon

MV Algoma Harvester

Tundra Swan is still hanging around.  Appears to be in no hurry to leave.

Probably photographed these rail cars before.

Immature bald eagle. It was pretty far away.

Cleared the snow all the way to the street.

I guess some was listening.

You can see the rock formations that make up the Sleeping Giant clearly today

MV Irma

Big cracks.

Looks like someone cut them.

Getting a drink

I thought the MV Tecumseh was coming into port.

It was actually backing out.

Trash in context.

Pretty sure this is not a teabag.

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