Thunder Bay – Thursday

Climate Strike a month ago. Be there.

Might be time to remove these signs.  It does not reflect positively on your religious movement. Yes, Climate Change has become a religion.

Its a yellow balloon.

An intersection

I like the pattern created by the drifting snow.

Tug MV Point Valour

A bunch of photos around the former CCGS Alexander Henry

Snow Bunting.

Surveyor was here.

Wind blown snow on the ice.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.  Notice Kelly’s finest rotgut wine is on the scene.  Its the wine that made Thunder Bay famous.

Lots of animal tracks in the snow.  The lakeshore is now the fastest way across the city for commuting animals.

MV Maccoa

There were skater on the ice.

Coffee and beer.  Thunder Bay breakfast staples.

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