Thunder Bay – Thursday

Looks like a light pole was removed in the area of the watermain leak/repair on Water Street.

Some nice clouds today.

I think I photographed this quite a while ago.  I think its a bunny costume.

MV Kamistiqua

Not sure why this is in Marina Park.

MV G3 Marquis

MV Lyulin

MV Federal Biscay

MV Federal Bering

The City of Thunder Bay has put out a tender for the rehab of the pedestrian overpass.

Kelly’s finest rotgut wine is on the scene

Looks like this was recently done.

Pigeon wing

Dead pigeon.  I think it was hit by a car.

Stood at the end of the pedestrian overpass but did not enter. Its still off limits as far as I am concerned.  Hard to remain 2 meteres  away from someone inside that tunnel.

Snow sculptures today. I laid a loonie next to it to give you an idea of the size.   That is a dollar coin for those of you who don’t know what cash is.

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