Thunder Bay – Thursday

MV Federal Satsuki and MV Federal Montreal

MV Federal Barents

MV Federal Bristol

MV Blacky

Still no babies

Crow living dangerously. Standing on a Tree Swallow house.

Tree Swallow

Replacing the membrane that covers the condos’ foundation.  Crappy work by original contractor.

Trash in context

Trash in context

More crappy work by contractor…or is it crappy design?   The outfit that was behind the design of the Prince Arthur’s Landing project produced one piss poor waterfront.

Trash in context.  Why don’t I pick up the trash?  Because I was raised to pick up after myself.  I raised my kids to pick up after themselves.  Damned if I am going to pick up after the local “extras from the Walking Dead”.

Cabbage White buttefly

Tug MV Glenada

MV Algoma Harvester

Gulls were afraid I was going to take their lunch

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  1. Henry
    Henry at | | Reply

    Those Xtra’s from the “Walking Dead”, certainly love to display their disdain for civilized society.
    But don’t dare say a word, else you be called names, and accused of hatred.

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