Thunder Bay – Thursday

Patch completed

Could have repaved this as well. For some reason this is considered OK?

Another patch that was completed.  Like I said, the gap in between could have easily been included in the work.  But it wasn’t.

This area also could have been included.

This section of Water Street says everything you need to know the state of this city’s economy.

Water may finally get into the catchbasin

The entire stretch of the southbound lane of Water Street between Cumberland Street and Bay Street is a disgrace. Patch after patch after patch after patch.

PPE litter. Probably full of plague virus cooties.

Orange Sulphur butterfly?

Looking good.  These guys must get hot in the sun.

Low water level.  There is a sand bank that has cutoff the water flow in and out.

Tennis.  I remember when Jimmy Connor and John McEnroe were big.  Everyone in the city had a tennis racquet back then.  I am serious.

Nice texture

Only one shoe.  Not two…one. How do you lose one shoe?

This guy had a quality condom.

Savannah Sparrow

Brown-headed Cowbird

MV Spruceglen and MV Najda

MVJohanna G

MV Lake Ontario

MV Erieborg

MV Rodopi

Hope they took their fishing rods along. Notice the firefighters never train on their boats when the weather is miserable?

MV Blair McKell

Nice texture

Not mine.

Indian Skipper butterfly

Looks like a Skipper butterfly of some kind. There a lot of different Skipper types. I am going to go with Indian Skipper.

Needs toilet facilities.

If you think you are going to open the fountain/splashpad  without toilet facilities in the immediate vicinity, you are sorely mistaken.  Of course, its the City of Thunder Bay we are talking about sooo…

Looks like the waterfront restaurant is expanding its patio.

PPE trash in the park. Great. Just Great.

Its a registered trademark?  Think Burger King might have something to say about that.  The people that are posting these have no idea what they are talking about.  Members of a cult that do whatever they are told.

Thunder Bay Police Services have had to deal with systemic racism before systemic racism was cool. They could put on seminars to all the other police departments in the country, including the RCMP, dealing with racism.

BLM and Defund Police have no place here in Thunder Bay.  We are beyond that already.

Spilled on steps

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