Thunder Bay – Thursday

I know I have taken this photo before but conditions were perfect sooo I took another one.

Tug brining in some sort of barge


MV Spruceglen

MV Tundra

MV Federal Sakura

MV Federal Yoshino

MV Federal Dart

Going to get painted?  I suspect its going to be re-stained.

Ahhh..the “T’ word.

Using LCBO bags as toilet paper. Its a Thunder Bay thing!

Getting ready to separate the first piece of the overpass.

Yet, they buy the cheapest brand.

Been for sale/lease for years.

One of the 800 brands

I remember when this was the Horseshoe Tavern,

Used to be an A&W drive-in back in the day.  I suspect, drive-in restaurants might be making a comeback.  Better than the drive-thrus.

PPE trash

Another of the 800 brands

Salvation Army building nears completion.  Why is there a Safeway cart here.  We are nowhere near a Safeway.

Cabbage White butterfly.

The dam.


Lake is drained

The mysterious stone circle

An old Coors can. Another of the 800 brands.

Not sure how this got here but it didn’t float.


A lone pelican reminiscing about the good o’ days when the lake had water in it.

A Mourning Cloak butterfly


Orange Sulphur butterfly


Another of the 800 brands

Urban Abbey

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