Thunder Bay – Thursday

Leaves are dropping from trees very quickly today.

Sigh…Come on…is the the best that we can do?   Why are signs that are in this condition allowed to be used in this city?

Also, sign is up but no workers in sight.

No workers in sight.

No workers in sight.

The sign is still up on the other end. No workers in sight.  As I mentioned several times before that leaving construction signs up with no workers present reduces the effect of these signs.  Drivers will stop looking out for workers.

If workers leave the construction area, either remove the signs or turn them. It only takes a couple of minutes.

No recycling in this household.  Those vodka bottles are worth money.

Anything that would qualify as nutritious in there?

Not sure why Trump is a thing in Canada.  Why do sooo many people in this country care who is president of the USA?  People really get upset if you mention Trump.  Why?

There are some flowers still blooming

From left to right, MV Fagelgracht, MV Onegro Rio and MV BBC Hudson


SV Frodo

MV Lake Ontario

Last day marina is open this year.

The Giant is covered in fall colours

I will have to see if the backhoe has damaged the new asphalt.

Pier 3 may be closed to the public tomorrow.  Might be open on a day to day basis. Hard to say.

Gull had a bad day.

Trash in context

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