Thunder Bay – Thursday

Crows don’t like Goldfish. Not the the snack cracker anyway. I am sure they would eat goldfishes, the fish.

Probably a story here.

Trash can too far away?  Probably walked past several on their way out of the park

Free jacket for the taking

Mask photo

Wind blew the mask here.

Laker beer must be cheap.  Its the brand that I see most laying around.

Trash in context. Lots of Pepsi cans. Not a whole lot of Coke cans.

Another mask

I take it that these wrapped boxes are empty.

Spiked Snapple.

No serf-respecting photographer would do anything as cheesy as colour isolation. Luckily, I am not a self-respecting photographer. I wanted to see if I could do it.

Another mask

Firefighters taking one of their toys out to play

Tea bag

Not many skaters out today.

A grey day

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