Thunder Bay – Thursday

I would think that a person would notice when they are missing a mitten, especially in this weather.

Looks like work on the DSSAB apartment complex being built at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets is stopped over the holidays.

Obligatory shopping cart photo

Hmmm…this sign is supposed to be warning drivers of a traffic island on Water Street.  Signs such as this one get knocked over on a regular basis.  Maybe its time to rethink the design.

Where the sign is supposed to be.

Nothing visible beyond the breakwater

The Sleeping Giant is missing.

A couple of brave souls were using the fountain rink.  Tough kids.

I have never understood locating this pedestrian crosswalk at the end of this curve.  Both the  sign and crosswalk itself are hidden from northbound drivers’ view by the large tree.

No sign. No crosswalk visible.

Poor location.

Pedestrian overpass today.

A smoking spot.

I should have left a birthday card for Jesus at the Nativity Scene.  A cake with over 2,000 candles on it?  How do you light them all?  How do you blow them out?

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