Thunder Bay – Thursday

Need to park a bus in Thunder Bay?  Just park it in the lane  of  street. This way, you don’t have to pay for parking.  The fact that you block one lane of traffic on a busy four lane street is besides the point.

Work on Court Street between Bay and Wilson Streets has begun.

I believe that at this time next year, will still not be finished.  The area beside the sidewalk still has to be filled in. It should be flush with the sidewalk surface.  Its a safety issue.

The same goes for the missing Traffic Island ahead sign.  There should be one on this end of the traffic island.  Its been missing since last year.

This crow was posing for some photos.

This Merganser’s top half of its bill is shorter than the bottom half.  Did it get broken off?

Then I was visited by this raven.

I think it was asking me for food?  Powerful looking bird.

Quite the bird.

Then there was another crow.  It was also allowing me to photograph it.

Then there was a pelican flying by

and the crow was still there on the way back so I took more photos

MV Irma

MV Tecumseh

MV Anet

Monarch Butterfly

A murder of crows?  Just a family outing?

What the hell is this?

Yellow Warbler

A pile of junk floating in the marina

Roof finished on train station

Big stage packed up

Then there is the baby stage.



Looking rough. Its going to lose its green/blue head colour for a while.

Hmmm…a meeting of minds in front of the Cumberland Street LCBO.

Big rain brings big water in McVicar Creek

Remember the house on Nugent Street that was torn down?  Well, no construction taking place yet.

I wonder what is going on there?  Well, Court Street is closed at River Street.

This is still not repaired.  Its been like this for a couple of years now.  Looks bad.

Reno work starting on Magnus Theatre.  Hopefully this work will be better than the last attempt.  You can see the results of the last construction. hard to believe that people used to construct buildings that would last 100 years or longer.

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