Thunder Bay – Thursday

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Gridlink has resumed work on the new light poles recently installed around the boat launch parking lot.  It looks like they finished work on whatever they were doing on the road extension.

Looks like the other crow got all the peanuts.


The MV Saginaw coming into port

MV Federal Shimanto

MV Federal Katsura

The ice is melting again

Marina Park

Pedestrian overpass today.  How many empty Kelly’s Finest tetrapacks can we see today?  Three.  Plus the place wreaked of urine.



I took this from my Thursday post.  I thought I would post it by itself in case some people do not look at the daily photo postings.  If you read it there, then you can skip this.

The term racist needs to be defined in this report.  What does the author mean by the term racist?  We need to be clear on that point.

As far as the report goes,  no surprises here.  First Nations were looking for blood and would not settle for anything less.  There was blood.

This report almost has a political feel about it.  It agreed with every accusation made by the Indigenous population against the TBPS.  It agreed to reopen investigations.  It agreed the TBPS is racist.  It agreed changes need to be made.  Indigenous peoples were placated.

But will it be enough?  If every recommendation is carried through by the TBPS, will it be enough to satisfy the critics?  My guess is “no”.  It will never be enough.

The nine cases involving the death of Indigenous peoples will be reinvestigated.  Will this make any difference?  Its possible.  Most likely not.  What may turn up is an answer to the question of “why”?  Why were they in a situation that caused their deaths?

Yet, in the end, all those people would still be dead, no mater what the TBPS service did during their investigation.   There is a definite issue here that goes well beyond the TBPS.  For some reason, that is not being talked about at all.

Four of nine cases OIPRD recommends be reopened involve Indigenous youth

The TBPS did screw up by not fully investigating all of the cases.  The service has to own that.  The investigation of all deaths must be treated the same.

Police must gather ALL the evidence, follow ALL leads and question ALL witnesses.  All people being questioned need to cooperate fully with the police investigation. Without that cooperation, the investigation will produce the results EVERYONE wants.

Sooo many of the Indigenous peoples’ deaths involve alcohol. Who is going to own that? Had they not been drinking to excess,  most of those that died would be alive today.  I see a lot of young people drinking in the pedestrian overpass and Marina Park on a regular basis.  All of them are Indigenous.  THAT is a fact.

The TBPS are not responsible for any of the deaths. That responsibility falls onto someone else.

If the deaths are turn out to be accidental and are directly linked to alcohol consumption, then who is responsible?  Family? Community? Peers? Elders? Chiefs?

I think that there is enough blame to go around . Nobody is without sin here.

Still some colour on these roses.

Spider’s lair?

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