Thunder Bay – Thursday

Not a McDonald’s anywhere near this spot.  How long did this person carry this cup before leaving it here?  How many trash cans did this person pass?

Did not like these?  There is a trash can outside of this shelter.  Probably walked past the trash can when exited from shelter.  That is Thunder Bay.Saw this white thing flying around.  Thought it was a bird.  Maybe a Snowy Owl?  Turned out to be a plastic bag.

Sign that is supposed to be protecting workers.  Should be cleaned off at the very least. Since there is no work going on the road, the sign can be removed.


Sigh…This is why sooo many of contractor’s signs are in such poor condition. They do not take care of them.

Still working on the lighting for the boat launch parking lot.

MV Federal Shimanto

Looks like a mattress

MV Americaborg.  Noticed two dark objects on the ice

Bald Eagles

Big crowd loitering in the pedestrian overpass today.  Who in their right mind would walk through that?

In Thunder Bay, people need to park right in front of the door. Does not matter if its a no parking zone . Does not matter if its a pedestrian crosswalk.  What matters is that the lazy Thunder Bay asshole does not have to waddle very far.

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