Thunder Bay – Thursday – First Day In April

There was a Time I would not have known what this is. Now I regularly  see these things laying around the city

The same with these.

Remembering Remembrance Day

No such thing as recycling in Thunder Bay parks. Anything in the recycling goes to the landfill. How do I know?  I have seen the cans emptied.  I see that the cans both contain green garbage bags. No blue bags.

I wonder if the City of Thunder Bay recycles anything?

Ice patterns.

Frost on the flowers

MV Manitoulin

They are still there

Finally installing the light posts in the parking lot that was upgraded last fall.

Would have been nice to have had the lights installed before the long dark nights of last winter. Not sure they were not.  Never finish a contract in one year when you can stretch it out for two.  That is the Thunder Bay motto.

MV Kaministiqua

Trash in context

Mask photo

Easter stuff on Urban Abbey building.

Jesus betrayed

Jesus mocked

Jesus given his cross

Jesus falls

Simon carries Jesus’ cross

Jesus is stripped

Jesus is nailed to the cross

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