Thunder Bay – Thursday – Photography In The Polar Vortex

Every vehicle looks like its on fire

Keys are still there

Not a snake

Trash in context

An escape attempt from the CJ compound.

Colour is nice but black and white creates a whole other mood.

Looking for colour

Someone is a big fan of Orange Pekoe tea.  I see lots of these bags laying around.

Se whatever this is everyday. Not sure what it is but its stuck in this tree.

Trash with a view

Trash in context

This trash ain’t going anywhere

Trash in context

A pair of men’s briefs. Yes…Not sure how you don’t know your missing this.

Coke and Pepsi having a staring contest.

Mask photo

Best to not be too specific. Who knows when restaurants will be open again and for how long?

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  1. zakafx
    zakafx at | | Reply

    Hey OP, where are those keys? I’ve lost mine and those look like them. I work at Bay lock. Thanks!

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