Thunder Bay – Time For Someone To Give A Shit

Why?  Why is it that the pedestrian crosswalks, the ones that are clearly marked and signed, are continually ignored by people?   The City of Thunder Bay ignores them. All delivery companies ignore them.  Thunder Bay Police ignore them.

There are even “no parking” signs all everywhere. They are also ignored by everyone. Not enforced.

Does no one understand that parking in the immediate vicinity and sometimes right on the pedestrian crosswalks creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians?  Also, its against the law? Nobody?

I have been writing about this habit for years. Just type “park wherever you want” or “park anywhere you want” into the search window and read the posts. Look at the photos.  It happens a lot.  I see it almost every day.

There are parking lots…two of them,  nearby. Laziness….It all boils down to laziness.  They are all just too fucking lazy to walk that extra distance.

Look, the City of Thunder Bay wants people to vote for Prince Arthur’s Landing as the best Great Place In Canada.

How can that be, if pedestrians, the people that are wandering around the park on foot, the public in public space, are continually exposed to dangerous situations?  Situations that are easily preventable.  How is this a Great Place In Canada?

As a foot note, I might also like to point out that, with the construction of the condos, this park thoroughfare  is now a fire route.  Just saying.  Maybe the “no Parking” signs should be enforced?

You have to question the design of this award winning tourist destination. Its not working.  So lets throw more money at it.  That will fix it.


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