Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs

More damage suffered over the winter.  I suspect this was done during the snow removal operation that damaged several benches as well.

New bench that replaced bench that was damaged during snow removal work

The unsung Thunder Bay hero picking up trash in the core core areas.

Looks like a Staal company cone.

Sidewalk cleaner could not fit between pole and fence sooo this pile of dirt was just left behind.  Its good enough, right?

Replacing rail ties.

Someone decided to leave their trash in Marina Park. It was really nice of them.

Birds have got in there.

This was inside one of the traffic barrels that spent the winter down by Pool 6.  The contractor finally removed the barrels.  Left this trash behind.

The lone goose is still there.  Lone Goose would be a good tavern name.

Ditching work. The water will flow into the Pool 6 pond.

Not sure what is being installed here.

Great Blue Heron

Good that these people are practicing safe sex.  No glove, no love.

A sparrow of some sort. Which one?  Not sure.  There are sooo many species of sparrows.

Thing this is a Song Sparrow

Common Goldeneye

Covers are off of the fuel pumps at the marina.  Marina opens tomorrow.

European Starling

Common Merganser

Double-crested Cormorant

Cap from a one litre Kelly’s tetrapack rotgut wine. This is at site of the paramedic emergency photographed yesterday. Are the two related?  Hmmm…


Firefighters practicing something.

Damaged over the winter.  Curbing was installed last fall.

This crayfish is having a bad day.

Drying off?

Tree Swallow

Looks like another LCBO bag.

Looks like its going to be red.

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