Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Crab trees are flowering

Lilacs are getting ready to bloom

The unsung Thunder Bay hero picking up trash

Got a thing for horizontal lines

Painted Lady butterfly

This trash pile looks like its growing.

Female Red-winged Blackbird

Male Red-winged Blackbird

Some sort of fungus.  Probably non-editable


Not sure what this is but it is colourful

MV Industrial Skipper and the MV Ojibway  still docked at Keefer Terminal

MV Federal Mackinac still anchored

Green Comma butterfly

American White Pelican

I remember Pop Shoppe


Flagpole located at the end of Pier 1 is down.  Looks like it might be getting painted.  It needs it as does almost everything else in Marina Park.

Instead of removing this former light pole base located on Pier 1 as part of the $60 million PLUS Phase 1 project, our high salaried residents of City Hall decided to spray paint it fluorescent orange.  This solution is cheaper than using a Magic Cone.

The only thing cheaper is doing nothing, which is exactly what has been done for the past 10 years sooo I guess this must be considered an improvement.

Since the four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel opened, there seems to be a higher police presence in Marina Park.  Just this month, I have seen more police patrols than I have seen for…ummmm…ever.

Have no idea why this K9 unit was at Pier 3.

Plastic fork floating in marina.  Will these be banned?

Baby Mallards

Trash in context

Ring-billed Gull

Double Crested Cormorant

American White Pelicans heading over toward the Current River

Camelot Street entrance crows continuing where they left off last fall.  Screaming whenever they see me.  They do not like me.

Trash in context

Looks like the spray top from a bottle of Finesse Hair Spray

Not seeing any drinking parties in the pedestrian overpass any more.

Still seeing these though.

Want to reduce trash in landfills?  What do you see in here?

Or in here?

Looks like we have some movement.  Definitely not flat

Orange peal

Thunder Bay heroes using bike lanes

Trash in context

These are going to be banned

But I see a lot more of these laying around

and a lot of these. Cigarette butts  now present more of a danger to marine life than plastic straws.  Not going to ban them?

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