Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Trash in context

The vandalized pedestrian crossing button has been removed.

Might be time to remove this. No?  Why are the removal of these posters not mandatory?  The people who stuck it here are on the poster.

Pile of soil/manure? is still there.

Dust level is high.

Tried to get a close up but the thing was not having any of it.  It hopped away.

Work continues installing the new light posts around the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail.

You can see the truck behind the trees. Just finishing up the last one.

Might have re3moved some of the plants in the Healing Garden.  I am being sarcastic.  There is no healing garden.  Only a sign telling people what plants would be in a healing garden if one did exist in this location.

Trash in context

Fence is now gone.

Stage waiting for Wednesday. Summer in the park.

Left here to remind people.

Went over to Boulevard Lake Park for a quick look.


Trash in context

Trash in context

Trash in context

Not a huge crowd at the beach.  When I was a kid, this place was packed all summer long. Now everyone goes to a fountain.


Person probably thought he was going to start something big.  Hundreds of locks.


Trash in context

Trash in context

The MV Manitoulin


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