Thunder Bay – Tuesday

with bee

without bee

They are everywhere

Looks like the surface layer of asphalt on both driving lanes has been removed and is being replaced. That asphalt was placed last fall.

Trash in context

Apple cider is popular in Thunder Bay.


Loading the MV Jamno

Poo bag.

Trash in context

Another painted rock

Setting up for tomorrow

Trash in context

Back at the Court Street paving operation

I think that the edge of the existing asphalt should be brushed with an asphalt emulsion to help the two surfaces bond. I don’t see any. Interesting….

What I do see is piles of asphalt piled on top of the green bike lane paint that was applied this summer.  Why was the green paint applied if this was going to happen?

Its a big mess that could have been avoided.

Looks like most street trash is take-out drink cups.

1949 Ford coupe

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