Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Trash in context.  Trash can located on the other side of the sidewalk.  About five metres away. Too far for some people.

Not sure what that is but its colourful.

Trash in context.

Found another painted rock. Looks like a walrus.

Think I finally got one in focus.

Sleeping Giant is out there somewhere.

Construction work on Leased Lot #3 so far.

Noticed this around the fountain.  Kids run around on these tiles.

I guess this was on a section of fence that was removed as part of the Leased Lot #3 construction work.

Lost hat.

Trash in context. Hairspray bottle.

Modest Sphinx Moth caterpillar. 

Trash in context.

Budweiser beer can?

Trash in context

I believe that all deliveries to the waterfront restaurant in Marina Park should be done early in the morning.  Before the park opens to the public.  The same goes for setting up for events being held in Mariners Hall.

Pedestrian overpass trash in context

From a hypodermic needle.

Not sure what is in that.

Broken rum bottle.

Trash in context.

Same company working on the Leased Lot #3 in Marina Park.

Why has construction on this site ground to a halt weeks ago?


and this is enforced by who?



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