Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Have no idea what this is.  Its clothing of some type.  Why its laying on the sidewalk is anyone’s guess.

Another single shoe.

A feral for wheel walker?

The hotel parking lot south of the Pearl Street entrance.  This is the entrance which is located at the very south end of the parking lot.

Notice the work is still not yet complete.  I assume that some key pad will be installed so hotel guests can raise the barrier gate and drive in.   This has not yet been done.  Why not?

MV Federal Dart

Tug MV Teclutsa with MV Federal Dart


Dead Scaup so far. I suspect, it will still look like this next spring.  Ice is starting to cover the area’s waterways.

Ice starting to cover the Pool 6 pond.

MV Federal Welland

Still at least one needle left at the south end of the parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park.

The new Blue Morph Snow Goose is darker than the two that have been here for a couple of weeks already.

The two are still around although the Canada Goose that was there yesterday is gone. There is just the three Snow Geese left at the boat launch parking area.

You can see that the wing is mostly white.

Tug MV Point Valour going out

MV Jamno

Trash in context

Tug MV Point Valour along side the MV Federal Dart. Looks like they closed the hatches.


Another painted rock

I moved it to here

Sleeping with one eye open.

Maybe the Canada Goose that was hanging around with the Blue Morph Snow Geese yesterday has joined up with this group?

A pillow?

McVicar Creek staring to ice up.

Trash in context.  Pantene hair spray.  People drink this stuff.  Usually Finesse is the brand of choice for the local hair spray connoisseurs.

Vandalism?  Could have been worse.  Could have been on the paint.

Yes, feral shopping carts are a thing in the south core as well as the north.

Was upset about something. Usually its a cat.

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  1. Trixie Mattel
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    Uh, those is nasty-ass crusty leggings girlfriend.
    That ho, yea she fo sho ain’t got no style. Nasty.

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