Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Tried the above photo in black and white.

Often, when someone sees me taking a photograph of something like this, they ask me why. Why that?  I tell them that I don’t know.  Looks interesting.

MV Federal Montreal

MV Algoma Harvester

The beaver seemed to be very curious as to what I was doing..or what I was.

Tundra Swan still hanging around

The swan has made some friends

Why?  I don’t know.

MV Irma

MV Algoma Niagara

Can’t skate on it yet.

Sidewalk plow had an oil leak

Fancy, whatever it is.

A change purse?

An interesting combination

Its blue

Sigh…the bane of my existence.

Flew into a window.

Looks like it has teeth

Possible Christmas card

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