Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Been like this for several months now.  Might be time to finish the job?

Poo bag.  They come in lots of colours.  Some of your more colourful trash. They brighten up the city.

More PPE litter.

Another financial victim of the plague apocalypse?  Anyone keeping track of these closures?

Tree Swallow

An otter!  Not something I see everyday.

Definitely curious about me.

Great smile?  Do otters smile?

MV Spruceglen and MV Najda

MV Johanna G

MV Lake Ontario

MV Erieborg

MV Rodopi

Looks like someone was celebrating.  Now there is a mess.

Strips of blue and white paper?



Were they fighting? I first thought that they were trying to form letters.  Trying to communicate with me.

Needs toilet facilities

Tug MV Glenada with a large group of Cormorants in the foreground.  Pelicans can be found hanging around with the Cormorants sometimes. Not this time.

Not mine.

Strange cloud formation.

Thought I would add the colour version as well.

No valuables left in truck…not even coins. Radio does not work…

The sign does not do the truck justice.  Its been there for a long, long time.

Nice clouds

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