Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Brought my tripod and neutral density filter to try long exposures.

Makes the water look smooth.  Looks like ice actually.

Probably looks better if I was photographing waterfalls.

MV Sider Amy

MV Puna

MV Bluebill

MV Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin

MV  Federal Caribou

A butt hunter’s wet dream

Yellow Warbler

Looks like a Song Sparrow but I’m no expert.

This work should be done in late spring or early summer?  Just a thought.

Fall colours in summer.

Trash in context. Yellow bag trash to be exact.  Looks like the person who received the free food and dropped their trash into the pond also did not eat the apple.

You want to be popular?

New paint job.  Not sure if I like it.  How long until its covered with grafitti?

Hard day at the office.

Trash in context.

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