Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Trash in context

Mask photo. No I did not place this mask here. You can find discarded masks almost everywhere.

Someone dropped their poo bag.  They are going to be disappointed when their dog takes a crap,they reach into their pocket for a bag soo they can do the right thing and pick up that poo and find that pocket empty.

Trash in context


More trash

Mask photo

These masks run around fifty cents apiece?

A murder scene. A pigeon’s life ended here.

Bird’s last meal?  You see this along the railway tracks all the time.



Looks like a volcano

A more solid structure was put up replacing that tent-like structure that was destroyed by the wind.

A photo from a December post showing the previous structure after the wind had its way with it.

Another discarded Pepsi bottle that has a lot of the beverage still in it.

People have found a use for the light bases around the new Marina Park parking lot.

Why the lights were not installed is beyond me.

Addiction Centres are a growth industry in Thunder Bay.

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