Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Christmas Decorations I have seen

Tough for pedestrians

The snow was blowing but you can’t tell much from this photo

This cannot be good.

I’m no expert but water and electricity do not mix

Of on another call

The paint marks are getting covered with blowing snow

Blowing snow on the waterfront

MV Cedarglen is waiting for the wind to stop so it can finish loading.

Boot prints erosion

Tracks of a hundred people

The daily meeting has begun.

The bubble system around the docks is working.

Downtown north core.

Drilling taking place on the empty lot at the corner of Pear and Court Streets.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street instead of the sidewalk.  Notice the pavement is bare?


Looks like snow is coming

Getting closer

and closer

and now its here

The sun was shining less than five minutes ago.

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