Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Some late season sidewalk grinding.  Grinding down the joints so they are flush.

Grinding down this mess is impossible. What we have here is a manhole that has heaved over time.  Frost?

The recent warm spell has been a Godsend to this operation.

MV Juno

Is it?  Is it really?  Why is that sign still up?

Eating a peanut.

MV Federal Katsura

MV Juno and MV Spruceglen

Jackson Trigg….must have been a special occasion.  It was not a tetrapack of Kelly’s Finest, the official wine of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

MV Pacific Huron

MV Algoma Harvester

Still some pink on those roses.  The only ones I could find.

Its too bad this was…

not built here.  This site makes much more sense.


Look at the changes that were made thanks to demands made by the private developer for those leased lands.

It is looking very likely that the private developer will not use any of the leases.   If that is true, then that will be the biggest failure of our waterfront development so far.

Then assholes would not be parking their vehicles where they are not supposed to park their vehicles.  Lazy assholes.

and then there is this.  No parking along here either.  This is what happens when nobody enforces parking regulations in Marina Park.

I guess someone needed to take the edge off of their day.

I like the cracks in the ice. The patterns they makes.

A lot of edge of the day removal going on in Marina Park.

The overpass was empty but….

You think Thunder Bay has a drinking problem?

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