Thunder Bay – Thursday – First Day Of The Second Half Of 2020


Orange Sulphur butterfly

MV Ojibway moving into port

MV Spruceglen

Common Grackle

MV Algoma Sault

Redheaded duck.  I’ve never seen one before.


City closes parking area next to fountain/splashpad for entire summer to turn it into fancy parking lot.  Sooo, construction will be going on while the fountain/splashpad is open?  Dust?  Noise? No parking  for boaters on Pier 2?  Great!

Something to remember is this work is part of Prince Arthur’s Landing Phase 1.  Its not the ‘next stage’ or anything like that. Market Square was always  part of the first phase. This will complete Phase 1 a mere 11 years after the work began.

Company doing the work?  Seriously?

MV Gardno

MV Lake Ontario

MV Isadora

PPE litter

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    another wasted summer with construction…then will ever just stop for a year…never remember any of these shutdowns when I was young…oh well are the only losers…This could have been started 2 months ago, F covid…just protect works…aahh…I give up..don’t care..

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