Thunder Bay – Tuesday – Photography In The Polar Vortex

How do you lose a scarf and not notice when it -37C?


I know I photographed this before but

Being black is an advantage in the winter. On a sunny day, you get additional solar gain. Of course, in the summer, you suffer.

No skaters out this morning

Signs on the benches around the fountain pond skating rink in Marina Park.

Hopefully this sign is not depicting a boy and a girl because we know that there is no such thing as a boy and a girl.  Notice the human on the left is wearing a dress and the human on the right is wearing pants. Hopefully, that is not promoting the ancient stereotyping of clothing as a means of identifying a person’s sexual identification.

The City of Thunder Bay should know better. I am surprised that there has not been a march down Memorial Avenue to City Hall protesting these signs. sticks are not allowed on the fountain pond skating rink.

Trash in context

Not something you want to lose on a day like today.

If its free, it has no value.

If its free, it has no value.

Trying to stay warm.

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