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transit silence


Thunder Bay Transit. On the buses, there are two aids to help passengers know what stop is coming up next…. visual and audio.

The problem I have is with the system that announces the next stop by voice.  By sound. Passengers cannot hear it. The volume is set so low that the engine noise, the passengers voices and the personal radio that some  driver listen to drown out the announcement. I doubt if people even know that there IS a voice announcing stops. Seriously.

If people can’t hear it, then what is the point?  We ARE paying for the service.

Turn up the fucking volume!  In Toronto, you can hear each station announcement clear as a bell.  What is wrong here?

As for the personal radios brought on the bus by the transit operators, those radios have to go.  Passengers should not be subjected to the musical choices of drivers.  Plus, its a safety issue.  Drivers need to have 100% of their attention on what they are doing. Operating the bus.  Safely. Not listening to the radio. Not yakking with fellow drivers and passengers. If they don’t like it, maybe they should look foe employment elsewhere.

These are all things that should be addressed by supervisory and management staff.  That is why they are being paid the big bucks.

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