Thunder Bay – Van Horne Revisited

No contractor around to make repairs to Algoma and Court Street. Once again, I must point out that the contractors needs to be responsible 24/7 for maintaining city streets that are affected by their construction work.

Once the contractor removes the asphalt from a street, the contractor is responsible to maintain that gravel surface until it is covered by asphalt again.  Somebody has to be monitoring the construction site.  Saturday or Sunday or Holiday.  Day or night. Rain or shine.

Contractors cannot simply pack up and leave for several days and ignore the construction site.

The public deserves better treatment.

Van Horne and Algoma
Van Horne and Algoma
Van Horne and Court
Van Horne and Court
Van Horne and Court

The big rain on Saturday caused a lot of damage to the construction work on Van Horne Street.  How do they fix things?  I have no idea. How do you put material back underneath concrete sidewalks and curbing and compact that material? You can’t.

To do it right, the concrete needs to be removed and everything redone.  If they wanted to do it right, that is.

DSC09374_5_6 DSC09377_8_9 DSC09383_4_5 DSC09386_7_8 DSC09389_90_91 DSC09392_3_4 DSC09407_8_9 DSC09410_1_2 DSC09416_7_8 DSC09419_20_21 DSC09422_3_4 DSC09425_6_7 DSC09428_29_30 DSC09431_2_3

 I suspect the crack in the curb and gutter that appeared before the Saturday rains, will not be the last.

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