Thunder Bay – Vancouver 2017 – Day 1

Getting there.

Lunch at Pearson Airport.  Falafel pita.

The plane that will take me to Vancouver

Totem pole at Vancouver Airport

Day 1…Heading to the train station to go downtown and look around.

Electric buses. We had these type of buses here in Thunder Bay and then got rid of them. Thunder Bay went 100% diesel.  Now our high salaried residents of City Hall are looking at getting electric buses…again.  Vancouver has buses like this going all over the city.  Why did cities such as Vancouver keep their electric buses?  What did they know that our City Admin staff did not?  (related CBC article here)

and the have “bendy” buses.

False Creek

Cirque de Soleil was in town.

This is the Cirque de Soleil show this year.  We will be going to see it tomorrow.

Cold snap hit Vancouver.  Temps got down around freezing so there is ice and snow around.

A pair of shoes just sitting there.  Unattended.  Look new.

Looks like a camp site.

A lot of male Mallard ducks

A female checking things out.

See this type of thing in Toronto.  Painting ugly traffic control boxes.  Could be done here in Thunder Bay but for some reason, its not.

Our hydrants used to be red as well.

The famous steam clock in Gastown.

Some people take travel photography seriously.

Lots of Christmas decorations.

War memorial

Waterfront Station

Subway train.  Cars are made in Korea by Hyundai.

Canada Place

Waterfront lights.

Canada Place has Christmas trees.

Downtown at night

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