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  1. world citizen
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    On the drawings I saw “Water Garden Pavilion” and “Mariners Hall”. When I went looking for them no one knew what they were, and said pointing: “that must be it”.

    The Water Garden Pavilion and Mariners Hall is a restaurant and thats it. Why not call it “the restaurant”?

    Now we are going to have a Cruise Ship Pavilion. I can hardly wait. A marina where you can’t build a marina and a cruise ship pavilion for passenger ship arrivals that are becoming increasingly rare.

    I must say though, BMI have a wonderful fulfilment house. Those drawings and graphics they produced were worth millions to their bank accounts. Perhaps after all its not how useful the plans are, its how they look.

    And they LOOK marvellous. Its a shame they don’t work.

  2. rbush
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    haven’t been down there for a while. i heard that someone ran into the glass partition around that patio and smashed it accidently. any truth to that? if so, i hope it’s not the city that pays for repairs.

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