Thunder Bay -We Are Not Taking Things Seriously? Huh?

Mauro implores public to take virus seriously to avoid another shutdown

Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro says he’s alarmed at the spike in COVID-19 cases and is imploring the public to take steps to avoid further lockdowns.

In a community address released on Thursday via Facebook, Mauro said the impact on the community would be too great to shut everything down again, like in the early days of the pandemic’s arrival. But there may not be a choice if cases continue to rise.

“As I’ve said before, the local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. They are critical to our economy as well as the quality of life in our community. A second shutdown would be devastating to so many in our business sector,” Mauro said in his address.

“We simply must do everything that we can to protect and support them.”

Mauro suggested the public consider wearing a three-layer mask when out in public, but added any mask is better than no mask.

He didn’t rule out another shutdown.

“Whether or not a shutdown happens will depend on our ability to be selfless and disciplined. Our economy and the COVID-19 numbers are inextricably linked and the best way we can support our business sector is to keep our infection rate down to avoid another provincially mandated shutdown.

The province set another COVID-19 case record, reporting more than 1,500 new cases on Thursday. Another two cases were reported locally by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, bringing the total to 25 active cases. – tbnewswatch

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How does our mayor or the TBDHU know people are not taking this pandemic seriously?  Maybe the present number of positive test results is the best that we can expect given the fact that we live in cities. Given the fact that we are social beings. Given the fact that we need to work, produce things, shop, pay taxes that pay the salaries of the mayor and the staff of the TBDHU.

Three layer masks?   One layer masks not good enough? And that is a surprise to who?   Where do you get three layer masks?

Nobody is following proper mask wearing/handling protocol.  Its possible that masks and the improper handling of them is causing more harm than good.

I would gladly support further shutdowns if the politicians and TBDHU staff  that are pushing for such a shutdown have their salaries cutoff for the full duration of that shutdown. They can apply for EI or CERB like everyone else.

Share the pain. Lead by example. Right?

Remember that the City of Thunder Bay is not requiring all riders on buses to wear masks. Is City Hall taking this pandemic seriously?  Mayor?  Comment?

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