Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Trash in context

Still no paving going on. In fact, no construction is going on at all.  Why is this project not being completed?  Why is there a delay?  Is the contractor working elsewhere?  Is the City of Thunder Bay accepting ‘sloppy seconds’ type of treatment from its contractors?  Would a private sector corporation accept this treatment from a contractor?  We are paying full price for part-time work.  This work , including paving could easily have been completed weeks ago.

What is going on here?  Why the delay?

Ahhh…landscape contractor has decided to water the sod.

I guess the sod had reached the perfect shade of brown that signalled that it was time to spray some water on it.

I wonder if the boaters who use the crane to place their craft into the water have been able to do so?

My understanding is that the boats do not clear the railing or the dock.  Railing installed are too high.  Dock installed is too wide.  Someone screwed up.

Trees being planted.

Male Mallards losing their colour.

Grooming ritual

Will be setting it up this weekend for Monday

Usually flowers planted here. Not this year. Why not?

Was a rink over the winter.  Now its just empty.

Trash in context

Up since September.  Might be time to take it down?  Looks like crap.


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