Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Sign up now at the new DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets.  Not sure why the space was nor available for lease before today.

Starting to get tired of seeing these stuck all over the north core.

Still no construction taking place at the south end of Marina Park

Survey work taking place.  Not sure what its for.

Not sure what plant this is.

Almost fully grown

Female Goldenye.

Watched this ant walk around on the head of this frog.  I am sure the frog is waiting for the ant to get near its mouth.

Frog staying perfectly still even as the ant walks all over its eye.

I wonder if the removal of this pavement has anything to do with the proposed $33 million (probably closer to $40 million) waterfront art gallery.

Pile of manure still there.  Becoming tourist attraction.  People can take selfies next to it.

Getting greener. Still lots of brown.

Last lamp base installed

Sleeping Giant is out there somewhere.

Still not installed.

Still not installed.

Still not insatlled


Monarch butterfly today. Took a few photographs. Always get excited over one of these butterflies.

This guy was posing.

The leg up pose.

Illegally parked

On a crosswalk to boot.

Thunder Bay trash. Lots of single use stuff in there.

The Water Garden Pavilion mens room. Urinal still out of order.  Going on…almost a month?

Disgusting.  Bring on the tourists!!!!!

Paddle boat. That was the original plan for this building and pond. Paddle boats.


Trash in context

Live on the Waterfront tonight

Its a lot of work to set up this stage. Lots of workers.

No vendors setting up yet.

Trash in context.

Trash in context

Trash in context

Guy looked like someone who was hitting me up for cash the other day. Looks like he was successful.  Managed to get his hands on a one litre tetrapack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  Looks like he also managed to find someone to share it with. Kelly’s finest rotgut wine brings people together. You are never without a friend when you have Kelly’s.   The company should hire me to write promotional slogans for them.  They practically write themselves.

Trash in context


Trash in context

Tis the season

The lookout at the corner of Waverley Street and Red River Road so far.  Looks like its nearing completion. I will be there when it is open to the public.

Lots of really tiny ants.


Trash in context

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