Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I do have a thing for chrome grills.

Might as well remove the law that says this type of thing is illegal.  You know, that pesky part of the Highway Traffic act that sates that fact?  If the law is not going to be enforced, then lets remove it.  Laws should not be ignored.  Either enforce it or remove it.

After almost two months, the nigh light post has been installed.  Its the one with the traffic cone next to it.  Not sure if its working yet.  Do the overhead wires have to be connected or was the underground wiring problem resolved?

I guess in Thunder Bay, temporary and permanent mean the same thing.

As long as the newspaper trash stays on the CJ’s property, I guess there is nothing to be done.  Unfortunately, that newspaper trash has a way of migrating from private property to public property.

American Lady butterfly. Lots of these still around.

MV Federal Cedar still anchored out there.

MV Algoma Sault backing into the Thunder Bay Terminal’s slip

Lots of goose action around the waterfront.  Flocks passing through.

Trash in context.

MV Atlantic Huron 

Leased Lot #3 so far

Notice the granite block wall is not level. It follows the slope of the land. Odd.

Found another painted rock

Nice to see some asphalt between those patches.  Be all patches soon.

Moved painted rock to here.

Found another painted rock

Its pretty big.  Will relocate it tomorrow.

A metal fork. Not a plastic fork. A metal one.

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