Thunder Bay – Wednesday


How do you get an interesting sky into a photo?  Lean back and fire away.

MV Isolda

MV Tim S. Dool

Its the side of a boat trailer

One of my many pet peeves is that there is no requirement for dust suppression when cutting concrete in Thunder Bay. I would think that work in a city park would warrant such a requirement, but that is not the casr

Cutting the concrete light pole base.

Looks like the contractor is cutting a bout a metre off of the bottom. I suspect its because of all the rock fill that makes up Marina Park.  There is only sooo much soil on top of that rock.

Water Garden Pavilion Lost and Found box. Used by lazy Thunder Bay residents who feel that carrying that wrapper to the trash can, a can that they have to pass when they leave the building, is too much work.

End of Sail Superior’s 2019 season.

Looking Good in his iridescent head feathers.

Took a walk along McVicar Creek. Looks like a bag of trash that was collected during the spring clean up.

Some was sleeping here at one time

and here as well.

Another bag of trash

I find sandals in the strangest places

Sign looks hand drawn.

Nice looking shirt.

Lots of trash

Building has been for lease for years.  Might be time to lower the monthly lease payments.  Nobody appears to be willing to pay what the owner is asking.

If you hide it, it does not count as litter.

Catchbasin has sunk quite a bit. Ever wonder why?

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    Catch basins sink because they rot out at the bottom due to deterioration of the concrete and corrosion of the reinforcing wire. This of course is largely due to the salt used on the roads. When a heavy vehicle passes over the grate the weakened concrete crumbles and the whole thing sinks. This is repeated over and over until it gets so bad that someone complains and then maybe the frame is raised. Maybe because this is Thunder Bay. When 2 bright management employees suggested that the catch basin barrels be coated with a rubberized material to prevent this deterioration, some 25 years ago, the reply was the typical Thunder Bay “We don’t do it like that here.” We couldn’t even get them to try just one, even after a demonstration of the material by a local supplier. So we go on with this perpetual problem and replace the catch basins every time the road is rebuilt, and rotted out catch basins is one of the reasons roads need to be rebuilt. Sign me Cynical with reason.

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