Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Trash in context.  Laker beer.  Looks like this brand has supplanted Budweiser as the beer of choice of Thunder Bay’s street urchins.  I see Laker cans all over the place.

Noticed this in the Pool 6 pond.  Needles.

Thunder Bay have a drug and alcohol problem?  Not on your life.  People have no problem accessing alcohol and drugs in the city. None at all.  This is why crime is on the rise.  People need money to buy this stuff.  Robberies/muggings will be next.

Right now, there is no place in the city I would feel safe walking alone at night.  There are more and more places that I do not feel safe walking alone during the daytime as well.

Next year is the city’s 50th anniversary.  Its hard to believe just how far this city has fallen in those years.

MV Federal Dart

MV Federal Champlain


Stacked 10 photos in photoshop to see if I could increase the resolution. Water looks good.

Trash in context

New member of the group pf Blue Morph Snow Geese that refuse to leave.  Its darker than the other two.

I am confident they will leave eventually.

Still not open to the public.  I would think that the City of Thunder Bay would want this area open over the winter.

Not sure I would have gone with the grass here. Maybe having the whole area concrete or tiled would have made more sense.  In the summer, people like to spread towels and blankets around the fountain out an lay in the sun.  The chairs and granite blocks  kind of get in the way.

A large concrete or tiled surface would be more flexible as far as usability goes.

The grass is a maintenance issue.   The City of Thunder Bay wanted concrete and asphalt at the centre of its premier tourist destination.  It should have stuck to that plan.  A large central gathering place that is multi-use with an all-weather surface.  This park does not have such a thing. In fact, the city does not have such an area.

Once the private developers washed their hands of the leased lots and maybe the train station as well, the City of Thunder Bay is making things up as it goes.  None of this was part of the original plan. There is no plan.

The fountain deck should have been extended to the parking lot.

If they wanted need chairs and granite blocks, there is room in the centre of the existing green space.

Some Canada Geese passing through.

Mallards passing through

Water level down. Looks to be the phenomenon as a seiche. Water levels can drop very quickly, then come back hours later.

I have seen it before on our waterfront.

Snow dropped off of rail cars.

Not sure what is supposed to happen to these bags.  People pick up trash.  Then what?

Look like pants.

LCBO and Little Caesar’s Pizza. A marriage made on the streets of Thunder Bay.

Another Laker can. No surprise here.

More Bell fibre.


I would think that this would have been repaired by now.  It can’t be good to have the open hole in all weather.  Birds living in it?  Probably full of bird poop. Looks like the building owner has given up on the place.

Post Card photo.

I think that the cost of taking these rinks down and then setting them back up year after year is not much less that paving the ground and leaving the boards up all year round.  It could be used to play ball hockey or basketball…It should be considered as an option. Costed out.

Just like what they have in the East End.

Wholesale Club, come and get your carts.


Imperial Fortified rotgut wine


A hangout area. Wine and hairspray?  Party City.

Looks like a Walmart cart

Scand Home has been sold.  I wonder what its going to be?

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Scand Home has been sold. I wonder what its going to be?……injection site!!! ? This building wasn’t erected in 1926!

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