Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Looking for colour anyplace I can.  Tomorrow everything will be covered with snow.

Another possible Christmas card

I wonder which store used to own this cart?

MV Algoma Sault

MV Federal Baltic

Tundra Swan relaxing

MV Federal Margaree

Leaving port

Looks like the City of Thunder Bay has finally smartened up and decided to remove benches before snowplowing operations.  This way, damage is avoided.

Tug MV Point Valour 

Leased Lot #3 today.

Took a closer look at the timbers being used as benches.  Looks like we might have bought ones that were on sale.  Factory seconds?

Pretty rough shape.

I can only see this rotting

Maybe they are treated against insect and rot damage?  I doubt it.

Expect barbecues to look like this a lot.  Who will clean them?

Sandblasting results.

Lots of fine dust still laying around.

Dust is coating everything

Another Christmas card possibility.  People might think that I set these photos up but they would be wrong.  My photos are of things just the way I find them.

Looks like someone thought that the local birds would be interested in leftover pasta.  Don’t think they like pasta.

Might make a great Airbnb

Another piece of discarded clothing.

The ice started to melt due to the recent heatwave.

Another possible Christmas card

Trash in context. I wonder if the person is going to come back and finish this?

Christmas card?

When I see some of the modern art and the prices those abstract paintings fetch,  I wonder how hard can it be?

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