Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Colder than yesterday.  Most of the photo subjects are the same as yesterday soooo make things a little different, I converted many of them to black and white.

Half eaten banana today.

I wonder why this bottle was left here?

Looks to be in good shape.

Not sure what ship that is. Could be the MV Maccoa

The MV Thunder Bay.

The MV Victoriaborg

MV Acadia Desgagnes, MV Fearless and MV Heerengracht?

Banana has not turned black yet.  I suspect that it won’t until spring.  It is frozen solid.

MV Maccoa

MV G3 Marquis

Banana is still there as well.

Christmas tree at the corner of Red River Road and St Paul Street has only one decoration.

Frost on a window.

Trash in context.

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  1. Andre
    Andre at | | Reply

    Beautiful pics, great blog ! Now on my favourites.

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