Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I know. I have taken some of these shots many times before. Its just that the light is sooo nice.

Trying to escape the CJ compound

Succesful escapee.

Keeping an eye on me and my peanuts.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

This Black-Caped Chickadee stood in every position EXCEPT one where I could get a decent photo

There is a sidewalk under there somewhere.

Got a new ultra-wide-angle lens.  Thought I would have some fun.

I hate that sign. I wish the City of Thunder would move it.  Could be a great photo spot if it was not for the sign and electrical connection box.

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  1. Carlito B
    Carlito B at | | Reply

    Those stupid signs are literally hateful, completely misdirecting and mean nothing.
    Another Epic Fail at the Mistake by the Lake. Our marina is completely nauseating.

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