Thunder Bay – Wednesday

What $1,600,000 looks like.

Still no babies.

Red-breasted Merganser

Post is overdressed for the weather.

Tree Swallow

MV Tim S. Dool

MV Federal Montreal and MV Federal Satsuki

MV Blacky

MV Federal Barents

MV Federal Bristol

Helicopters Transport Services

Not mine

Not mine either, all though this is very close to what I can afford. prevent the spread…should read ‘help slow the spread’. There is no way that anyone can prevent the spread, even with a vaccine.

Interesting what gulls and crows won’t eat.

They won’t touch this popcorn.  We eat it.  Think about that.

Trash in context.

Gull found a discarded fish. Probably a pike.

Looks like something is going to happen here.

Ate the apple but left the pineapple.  Must have been stolen. Nobody would buy it and not eat it.

Big online meeting tonight.  Future of this building and the organization that owns it will be decided.  Previous related posts here, here

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