Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Needs some work

Thunder Bay – A city of extremes.


Tree Swallow

Leopard frog

American White Pelican

First tadpole of the year

Female Red-wing Blackbird

Trash in context

MV Helena G

MV Spruceglen and MV Nadja

MV Comet

MV Erieborg

MV Lake Erie

Corona cure?

Superior Rocket coming in for fuel

Opening up those twin 250 hp motors

Needs toilet facilities

MV Johanna G preparing to drop anchor

Trash in context

MV Comet and MV Johana G

MV Lake Erie

MV Erieborg

Trash in context. Smirnoff Vodka

PPE litter

Cabbage White butterfly

McVicar Creek

Looks like some recipients of food from the Dew Drop Inn soup kitchen.  Be nice if they would deposit the trash in the appropriate container.

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  1. kritik
    kritik at | | Reply

    “Needs toilet facilities”……………That’s Thunder Bay for ya. Wait till someone starts urinating on those nice wood bench seats. Let it soak right in boy’s. Thunder Bay does love the smell of urine. But wait! There’s more. Nothing beats the smell of a good ol dump on the grass or concrete blocks. Mmmm. Now that would be a sight worthy of story and song especially if Kelly’s finest is involved. But wait! There’s more. Don’t use those racist portable toilets that are scattered around town. You know, the ones of colour. Blue and pink. They should all be changed to black or people might start protesting and marching on city hall.

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