Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Work photographed yesterday produced this tree.

Looks like the Monarch was hit by a car.  It was still alive but had trouble flying.

Got some close-up photos.

I then moved it over to a grassy area.

Beats carrying the chairs back and forth all the time.

MV Tundra

MV Federal Yoshino

MV Federal Sakura

MV Federal Kivalina

MV Federal Montreal


Orange Sulphur butterfly. You can see the spot of orange on the inner wing.

Looks like they have inside tours on the Alexander Henry now.

MV Tundra and MV Cape?

Trying to create a ‘dreamy’ type of look.

MV Federal Mayumi

MV Spruceglen


The Viewing Circle looks like crap.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this facility will not open this year.

You can see where the glass panels have not been removed.

Not returning them for a refund?

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