Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Yellow bag trash and…..a bottle of urine?  Its a water bottle.  That ain’t water in there.

Never of out sight of a Tim Horton’s cup in Thunder Bay.

Running out of ways to photograph a shopping cart.  I have one more idea that I have not tried.  Maybe tomorrow? That is if I can find a shopping cart.  Just kidding.  They are everywhere.

This household takes part in the free food program.  Why are people not being required to take improve themselves?  Learn a trade?  Go to school? Make themselves more employable?

They could learn about getting up every morning.  Getting dressed.  Making their way to school or the shop.  Being on time. Showing up every day.  Being responsible.  Maybe learning a skill that could get them a job after this plague depression ends.

Right now, they are learning diddly squat.

Like I said in a previous post, get one of these signs, stick it on your lawn…never have to cut grass again.

I know. Taken photos of this before. I know there is a good photo here. I just have to keep trying.

Same with this…

and this. The crows like to get in the photos. Pretty sure they have no idea what I am doing but you never know.  They are smart.  Well, most of them are really smart.  I have come across some pretty stupid crows.

The photo changes with every cloud formation.

As the year progresses, the sun rises later each day.  Now I start to get the sun in the photos without having to get up early.

What the hell is going on over there?

MV Federal Seto

MV Ocean Castle and MV Oberishte

MV Puna

MV Algoma Harvester

I don’t care whatever the City of Thunder Bay’s propaganda department calls this. Its just a parking lot.  It will be used mostly by the hotel.  Some customers of Kuul Lighting in the train station.

Anyway, paving is about to begin…tomorrow?

OPP boat and MV Bluebill

Sabdblasting has begun on the second section of the pedestrian overpass

Trash in context

Looks like alien spaceship in the movie ‘Independence Day’

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3 Responses

  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    flat top anvils…nice…congestus.

  2. Henry Whynot
    Henry Whynot at | | Reply

    All that artistic talent going to waste on the sides of rail cars.
    Unreadable and mostly gibberish. I hope they are doing more
    than that with their talent. But if you do nothing but paint rail cars,
    you only get good at painting…..rail cars. Too bad.

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