Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Trash in context

LCBO bag inside an LCBO bag

Nice morning light

What can I say? I’m addicted to this spot.  I like the look.

Looks like a green mist with some red in the sky.

Helicopter is lifting something over at the former Great West Timber sawmill site.

Keys still there.

Discarded food photo.

Mask photo

Mask photo

Sock photo

Mask photo

Trash in context

Another mask photo

A discarded banana

City has the money right now.

City receives additional $1.2 millon to offset COVID-19 costs

The City of Thunder Bay received $9 million PLUS an additional $1.24 million last year to offset the projected costs dealing with COVID for 2021.

They have $3 million left over that is being put towards the anticipated budget shortfall in 2021.

The way I see it, this is 2021 and the City of Thunder Bay has declared a State of Emergency.  The City of Thunder Bay wants financial and staff support to expand isolation centres. Sounds like that is an additional cost that is happening in 2021 due to Covid-19.What is that money for if not for this?

Sooo spend some of that $3 million and add that cost onto the city’s 2021 taxes.  Look, money from Queens Park comes out of the same pockets that local taxes do.

If the money is needed right now, you know…state of emergency and all, then spend it. If its not needed right now then why declare a state of emergency? Is it a problem that can only be solved by cash from Queens Park?

The answer is simple.  If the City of Thunder Bay has the money to pay for the isolation centres, then there is no state of emergency. No state of emergency, no money from Queens Park.  Why spend money you have when you can ask for more?


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